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Enjoy a budget vacation in Las Vegas

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Do you want to take your friends to a vacation in Las Vegas? Well, if you want to but are not very keen on spending extravagantly then you will be glad to know that the Sin City is not only about luxury vacations but is a great place for all those who are on a budget as well. However, if you want to visit Las Vegas on a budget then you will have to plan well and practice a lot of self control. Las Vegas offers a lot of cheap alternatives and free attractions which will allow you to have fun even when you are on a strict budget. Here are a few tips for having a great Las Vegas vacation on a budget.

Firstly, you must check into a hotel off the Las Vegas Boulevard. The hotels that are located away from the glittery main drag of the city offer relatively cheaper accommodation rates. Secondly, while eating out, you can opt for the hotel restaurants that are located off the Strip. A lot of these offers 2 for 1 deal during breakfasts along with happy hour promotions and buffet meals and you can enjoy delicious dishes here without bring a hole in your pocket.

You must watch the free shows and enjoy the fountain and light show right in front of Bellagio Hotel. There is an exploding volcano in front of Mirage Hotel and in front of the Treasure Island Hotel you must catch the Sirens of TI performance. No Las Vegas trip is complete without gambling and to gamble on a budget you can go to the hotels off the Strip as they offer lower limits and cheaper buy-ins. However, you are advised to steer clear of the 5 cent slot machines as they have the worst odds. Always choose the low limit tables while gambling.

Top 3 destinations for a biking trip near California

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Travel California, travel USAIf you a bike lover and looking for some exotic places to go on for a bike trip, then there are few places in Southern California you can consider going for a bike trip.

Stoddard valley is a wonderful place for biking trip especially if you a new rider or you are going for the first time on a bike trip. You can even have an overnight camp stay in the area. Also if you are an advanced rider, you can consider going to the places with hill climbing and sand washes.

The Rowher Flats in the Lucerne Valley can also be a very good option for you for an exciting biking trip. It is nothing but a dried lake bed. The base is enough hard packed by the edges are a bit sandy so you have to careful while riding.

If you are looking for some real adventure, then Gorman is California is the perfect place for you whit scope for skills of all levels. The place is a mix of sandy areas as well as hard dirt areas. If you are looking for some exciting challenge then there are some really difficult trails for you.

The land of the Grizzlies, Denali national park

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Denali national park, travel USAIf you are tourist visiting the USA, you should not miss the tour to the Denali national park situated at the heart of Alaska, and near to the city of Anchorage. It’s a wild and huge park by all means, it has a restricted road stretching up to 90 miles. The private vehicles are not allowed beyond 14 miles. There are lots of wild guided trips which run its services deep into the park. Some of the great activities that you should not miss are wild white water rafting; helicopter tours and day time camping and hikes.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy the park by bus:

• Private vehicles are allowed up to a place called Savage River, after that a bus trip can enhance the chances of viewing the wildlife.

• There are lots of bus services available, such as the tour, courtesy, shuttle services and the experience Denali bus services.

Exploring Times Square New York style

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

 Times Square, travel tipsTimes Square New York is a very famous place for tourists from all around the world. Formerly the place was known as Longacre Square. In 1904 it earned its present name. If you want to explore Times Square properly, then you need to do so in a planned way. Otherwise you will definitely miss out something.

The tourists stand there and take pictures to keep with as a memorabilia or to show friends and relatives that they have indeed visited place. You can also pictures beneath the huge bill boards or the huge tower.
The shopping experience in the Times Square is something that you should definitely try. There are many stores offering a number of articles including the memorabilia of New York like the statue of Liberty, FDNY caps and many others show pieces. You can also find many mementos perfect for gifting to your close ones once you return.

Top things to do in Santa Monica

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Santa Monica is the beautiful beachfront city in California with a wealth of attractions for the travelers here. The post here presents a brief on the different things to do in Santa Monica.

First of all, you should hit on to the Santa Monica Pier which hosts Pacific Park- it’s a little yet beautiful amusement park equipped with different attractions like a mini roller coaster, Ferris wheel, a carousel & food court. The Santa Monica Pier also houses an aquarium, trapeze school & many restaurants.

If you are a shopaholic, Main Street is a must visit here which comes up with a fantastic host locally-owned shops. There are good dining and wining destinations as well. Bergamot Station would be an ideal destination for the art lovers here. You will simply love its up-scale art galleries, especially the Santa Monica Art Museum which displays interesting exhibition of contemporary accompanied by complimentary programming.


Whale watching in St. Lawrence River

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

St. Lawrence River, travel North AmericaOne of the most famous rivers of North America is the St Lawrence River. It attracts man tourists every year as it’s a very popular hotspot. It goes from the northwest to southeast direction connecting the great lakes of North America. Whale watching is a great thing which you can do from here. The view from the nearby cliffs is also spectacular from where many people tend to watch this.

Every year, the tidal waves and the comfortable optimum temperature help in bringing in these whales in that area. The whales come in big groups and flock around the area looking for food and mates. The temperature of the water and the water currents are the best during that time of the year in the St Lawrence River. Many tourist groups flock around the area to witness these spectacular creatures. So of you want your kids to have a memorable time while in North America, do visit the St Lawrence River.

Toronto, a cosmopolitan destination

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Travel Toronto, USAIf you are looking for a city that will mesmerize you with its various tourist spots then you have got to visit Toronto. It is one of the most vibrant metropolises that you will ever see and the charm of the city is just irresistible. Once you arrive in the city you will be greeted with stunning architectural marvels, great landscapes, some unseen panoramas and striking vistas.

If you have to describe Toronto in just two words then it has to be diverse ethnicity. With some of the best museums, exhibition centers, art galleries, theaters, opera houses, historical landmarks and dance festivals, this city has it all to make your vacation worthwhile. If you are a foodie then you will get some of the best cuisines with some of the world famous beers and wine along with a tinge of brewer. There are guides and group excursions which will make your tour easier.

Top North American travel destination

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Travel destination in North American, travel AmericaNorth America is a great place where you can enjoy a good vacation. The continent offers wide range of new lands that you can explore and get amazed by the beauty of Nature. It is a great place to be during the summer vacations where you can take a break from the heat and humid climate to enjoy in the cool environment. United States of America is the most famous destination for tourists from all over the world. California offers a plethora of sports activities during summer.

You can visit Arizona and have a look at the mountain peaks of San Francisco to get mesmerized by its beauty. One of the most beautiful cities is the New York City. This city is known for its ultra modern life. The night life in this part of the world is too good for a person. Apart from it you can even visit Boston. It is a city with rich history and many people visit this place every year. These are the top spots that you can visit in North America.

Best time to visit Minnesota

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Travel Minnesota	, MinnesotaMinnesota is located in the north central part of the United States spanning Lake Superior’s western shores boreal pine forest in the northeast down to the farm fields and tall grass prairie of the southwest Great Plains. Minnesota being the most magnificent place on earth; the beauty of the mountains and the warmth of the forest-fitted lake tops cannot be argued with. Minnesota has quintessential culture – friendly and modest. Minnesota remains usually comfortable and mild except the cold winters. Moreover there are plenty of soaring bluffs and waterfalls lining the Lake Superior and Mississippi River and huge area of tall grass prairie. There are many ancient small towns with lavish bed-and-breakfast. No matter where you are in Minnesota, you can enjoy the sublime scenery.

Autumn is probably the best time to visit Minnesota with stable atmosphere and mild temperatures, very little rain and lots of sunshine. This weather lasts till November and often till December.

Top 5 Vegas delights

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Travel Las Vegas, AmericaLas Vegas, Nevada is a lively city that is full of bright lights and stunning attractions and a gambler’s paradise and so it is often regarded as the Gambling Capital of United States. There is everything for every one of all ages and there is so much that would be delightful and entertainment for the whole family.

Lied Discovery Museum is a great place to hang around with your family with so many activity options. There is another amusement part, Circus Circus, which has plenty of rides that would make your family enjoy the whole trip. The Silverton Hotel has aquariums and mermaid shows. The Steven Spielberg designed GameWork is another attraction where you can find games of all likes. Some of the other attractions are:
• The Las Vegas Art Museum.
• The Strip Sites.
• .Live shows and Performances.
• The M&M’s World Review delights.
• The Bellagio Fountain shows and
• The Las Vegas Natural History Museum.