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Things to do in Maui, Hawaii

Friday, July 31st, 2015

maui beachHawaii itself is the word of joy and entertainment across the world. When people want their vacation to be spend at the beach area they only remember and the name which hits their mind is the Hawaiian beaches. Hawaii is not a small region but it has many beaches which is located in it. There are different beach areas in Hawaii which fascinated the people to visit Hawaii again and again. One of the famous and attractive spot of beach in Hawaii is Maui beach which is located in Hawaii. Maui is considered as one of the beautiful island amongst all the islands around the world. Maui is considered as the saver of the vacations which the families want to enjoy with their kids, friends, relatives and what not. There are many attractions which can be experienced by the visitors visiting the Maui beach. Not only the beach but there are many different things which can be done by the visitors who want to visit or who are visiting Maui beach in Hawaii.

Things to do in Maui, Hawaii:

  1. Haleakala

HaleakalaThe Mt. Haleakala is one of the biggest attractions of Hawaiian beach. This mountain is created naturally by the volcanoes in the Hawaii beach. Haleakala is 10,023 feet high above the Hawaiian beach. Most of the tourists visit this place4 if they are coming to the Maui to spend their vacation. The effect of the rocks build up by the volcanoes gives it the different position in the history and will continue its image as it is still in the Hawaiian beach. Haleakala is the spot of culture and historical views for the visitors as well as the residents of the Maui.


  1. Ho’okipa Beach Park

Ho’okipa Beach Park

This place is considered best for its surfing skills by the men of the Ho’okipa beach park. The best surfing area in the beach and the wind surf too. The meaning of the word Ho’okipa is hospitality which is served by the residents of the beach park to visitors visiting the place. This place is not famous worldwide but the visitors visiting Maui definitely visit Ho’okipa beach park.





  1. Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State ParkAnother historical place to be visiting in Maui, Hawaii is Iao valley state park. This valley comprises of distinct feature of history and culture of Hawaiian beaches and the volcanoes. You will find a green mantled rock which is formed out of the volcanoes in Hawaii. This valley is considered as the landmark of the history and the courage of Hawaii. Iao valley state park is considered as the best attraction for the visitors who love sightseeing and capturing natural images of the creation of almighty.


  1. Lahaina’s banyan Tree

Lahaina’s banyan TreeLahaina’s banyan tree is the oldest tree amongst many different types of trees in Maui, Hawaii. This tree is 137 years old which is still sustainable and durable in nature. It has its route all over 1 acre of space in the Lahaina. This tree is considered of having its largest existence in the US country. All this factors and the place in Hawaii make Hawaii so special and a perfect place to spend the precious vacation and time of the visitors.

Sydney Harbor Cruise Trip

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

If you are out holidaying in Sydney, a boat trip on the harbor is an absolute ‘must do’. Sydney Harbor cruises provide you with not just a chance to get out on the water but also an array of other ways to witness the magic of the harbor.

The cruises consist of site-seeing, dining, private hired and special events such as Australia Day, Christmas Day, New Years, and such. The price and lengths of the cruises vary from company to company.

The popular routes for these cruises generally stay on the east of Sydney Harbor Bridge. The main sites include Sydney Cove, Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison, Taronga Zoo, Woolloomooloo, Kirribilli House, Luna Park and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Some journeys that continue for long move further east, taking in Watsons Bay, Rose Bay, Manly and Middle Harbor. Some may also run west of the bridge past sites such as Darling Harbor and Cockatoo Island.

Commentary is given on the site-seeing cruises. The larger boats consist of GPS automated commentary which is played through speakers as places of interest pass by. In other smaller companies a tour operator gives live commentary.

Sydney Harbor Cruises, Captain Cook, Matilda Cruises and Majestic are some of the biggest companies that run cruises. These companies have tons of boats of all sizes and shapes and they are easily available at the Circular Quay and on the Harbor.

Matilda Cruises and Captain Cook offer ferry and discount tickets. These offer attractions such as 24 or 48 hour ferry services to many Harbor destinations, or ferry plus attraction entry on the discount ticket which saves 20% of your total cost.

Final tip…

Spending some time shopping online for cruises is worth it. Prices are usually discounted and hence cheaper than the ticketing windows at Circular Quay or other tourist shops.

Sydney Harbor is one of the best known harbors in the world and choosing any one among the multiple types of Sydney Harbor cruises is a magnificent way of relishing the sites whilst also experiencing the vibe of being in the water.

Planning for a beach honeymoon?

Friday, September 20th, 2013

beach honeymoonHave you planned for a beach honeymoon and looking for the ideal destinations? Well, beaches are always a preferred location when it comes to the precious romantic getaway- the honeymoon gets all the more magical while strolling under the azure sky, over the pristine sand and amidst the backdrop of the mighty blue. The article here lays down a short discussion on the most preferred beaches for honeymoon from around the world.

Matira beach

Matira beach is considered as one among the most loved beaches for the honeymooning couples. You will love the fabulous sea here which feels very welcoming with its warm and gentle aura. The pristine sandy beach is wonderful to walk on hand in hand with your lady love and the lush scenery around creates the ideal mystique ambience for romance.


Maldives has always been one of the most favorite destinations for the romantic couples and the beautiful Maldives beaches are some of the most hit by the honeymooners. Added to the serene beauty, the beaches here are especially frequented given the amazing marine trips offered here. You will get a chance to witness some of the most fascinating aquatic creatures here like moray eels, whale sharks, turtles, reef sharks, sting rays and many more.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach is one of the most famous beaches from Harbour Island. It’s a little beach characterized by its fine-grained pink sand with swaying palms lining up around. It’s a tranquil setting and would be perfect for honeymooners who have planned a serene and private affair.

Anse Source d’Argent

Anse Source d’Argent is another great destination for couples planning a wonderful beach honeymoon. The beach is located in Seychelles, the gorgeous archipelago comprising of around 115 islands. Anse Source is little secluded which makes it all the more desirable for couples who want to simply get lost for a few days in a magic faraway land.

A romantic getaway to Mexico

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

mexicoMexico is actually a great place to spend with your loved one. There are many adventure sports to enjoy in Mexico, snorkeling and scuba diving being the most popular. Also one can enjoy the sun and wonderful warm climate of Mexico. Mexico is famous for its rich and spicy food and great local string drinks. The lively night life and exotic bars in Mexico can be enjoyed in every other block.

Mexico is known for the several small bars and clubs. Mostly people enjoy going on road trips and stopping at a few of such diners and bars for a quick snack or a drink or two. There are many inns close by and people and stay in for the night take rest and leave the next day to continue the trip. The weather is warm and the people are somewhat helpful as well. But make sure you carry a map if you plan a road trip.



Destination of a life time: Nerja

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Travel  Nerja, beach destinationA sea side resort town which is located in the province of Malaga is well known by the name of Nerja. Costa del Sol is the place where it can be found. Once a sea village has been now remodelled to become a tourist attraction and very well today it attracts and arrests the attention of thousands of tourists who land up here to spend a wonderful time. They are not the Spain type typical yellow beaches. The lands at Nerja are a mixture of sand and pebbles. Playaza is the longest beach f the town that provides an awesome chance to go for a nice walk or even for sunbathing.

Among the many beaches of Nerja, Burriana beach is also famous. It has white sand along with sparkling clean and clear water. While you walk you can see the ‘BBalcon de Europe’, a promenade that offers the view of the surroundings in a beautiful way. The most famous attractions of the Nerja’s are probably the caves. It is a fantastic place to go and one will certainly return back with ravishingly lovely memories and experiences.

Top travel destinations in the Caribbean islands

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Caribbean islands, Caribbean destinationThe most picturesque and amazing travelling destination is the Caribbean islands situated by the Atlantic Ocean. The awesome scenic beauty and the diversity of wildlife is the most attractive thing of the Caribbean. Being an island country the climatic condition of the Caribbean is very friendly and soothing for holiday trip. There are many places of tourist attraction in the Caribbean islands. You can enjoy an ultimate holiday here spending a whole lot of time for scuba diving, fishing, swimming etc.

Puerto Rico is an ideal place for any type of deep sea activities like diving. If you are a shopping geek then the Bahamas is an ultimate destination for you where you can easily get the best items for shopping. Jamaica one of the most famous and largest place of the Caribbean with the modern facilities for the tourists and a blooming appearance is the all time favorite destination for many.

Spend you dream vacation at Mauritius

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Travel Mauritius, beach destinationIf it was in your mind and you have finally decided to travel Mauritius as your dream vacation then you are spot on as this is the ideal place for honeymooners or tourists for the same. The country is a cluster of islands juxtaposed hence it is named as the Island nation. It is a versatile place as this part of the world has varied tastes and colours to be enjoyed in full swing. The night life is awesome, just terrific. The place of Port Louis is very different in style from that of the other countries.

Peacefulness and calmness is verdant in this ambit which is an adjunct advantage for the honeymooners as romantic environment is omnipresent. The country will not disappoint you if you are an adventure sports. In fact such sports are also present at Mauritius where chances of losing your life are high. The geographical serene atmosphere needs to be seen. It perfectly suits the bungee jumping or water rafting or even water skiing. So go on and go forth.

Making the most of our Cuban holiday

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Holiday in Cuba, CubaCuba a place known in the world for the leaders and for the cigars and is recently a hot spot for the tourists. People across the world are being attracted towards the country due to its natural beauty. It is the largest island among the Caribbean islands. The place has a majestic beauty surrounded by sea beaches and high mountains accompanying them. In Cuba you will find a mixed breed of Caribbean people. They are highly passionate and warmly welcome the tourist to their home.

Like the other islands here too you can enjoy the fun of majestic sea beaches with water sports. There are many 5 star resorts on the beach providing you an excellent stay. You could also visit the various museums in the city showing the history of Cuba. The villages offer a rich cultural and heritage views of Cuba. It s a tourist destination high on demands visit it to believe in the beauty of it.