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Best Places To Visit In New Zealand

Thursday, November 17th, 2016
Places to visit in new-zealand

Places to explore in new zealand

There are many travellers for whom, New Zealand is such a place which is both dream and once in a lifetime destination to explore. If you are thinking to plan out your first trip to New Zealand, you are going to have a fun time exploring this wild and beautiful country. Being such beautiful, New Zealand is also very big and hence if you are planning to visit places in New Zealand then you must know which p[laces to visit and which not to. When you are visiting places in New Zealand in short time period, you need to have some selected list of places which are better than the others to save up your time and see all the must visit places in New Zealand. Here are some of the best places to visit in New Zealand.

  • Bay of islands

This place is considered to be one of the top places to visit in New Zealand. It is very much popular for sailing, fishing and many more other water activities. Bay of island is just three hours from Auckland if you go by car. It consists of 144 islands between purerua peninsula and Cape Brett. Now you must be thinking what is so amazing to do here, here’s the answer. Get into the water and try out scuba diving. You will be amazed to be exploring a whole new underwater world. Get close with the marine life in the bay of islands. You can watch the dolphins and whales swimming in the blue waters. If circumstances allow, you can also swim with the dolphins. Don’t leave this amazing place without seeing the hole in the rock formation wherein you can sail through when the tides are right.

  • Queenstown

Queensland is considered to the New Zealand’s adventure capital. This beautiful place is smuggled in between the shores of shimmering lake wakatipu and the gorgeous snowy peaks. This is one of the top destinations for international visitors. Some of the exciting activities to do here and have fun from are bungee jumping, white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, jet boating, paragliding, downhill skiing  are some of the activities to do. You will be definitely being pleased trying all these things. Along with all of these activities, you are also availed with comfort and peace as there are many first class hotels, restaurants and also spas.

  • Fiord land national park

This beautiful place is considered as world heritage site. This place protects some of the most precious and valuable scenery in the country. Visitors of New Zealand will be stunned and amazed by seeing this extremely beautiful place. Virgin rain forests, gushing cascades, vast lakes, offshore islands and craggy mountain peaks are some of the extremely beautiful views which will make your heart beat skip for a second. The drop down gorgeous looks will make your eyes pleased and will give a never leaving feel from this place.

Top Hawaiian Island: Maui and its Destinations to Visit

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

When you hear the name Maui, it takes you to another world only. You start imagining yourself standing on white sandy beaches, enjoying crystal clear water and waves with a spectacular sunset spreading its golden rays over you. The beauty of Maui starts where your imagination ends. In such a beautiful place one just falls in love. You fall in love with the place, its places, its activities, and once visited it always pulls you to visit it again. Thus here we are with top picks of Maui to visit when you get there.

  • Road to Hana

Road to HanaPrepared for an adventure? Get ready for breath taking drives, for a roller coaster ride and wild experiences. Hana highway is a great combo of jungle valleys, towering cliffs, and around 600 twist and turns. There are 59 bridges which come across the way to Hana, offering the most scenic drives in the world. On the way to hana, you can go to Paia where you can explore history. You can may of the other things like spectacular beaches in Hawaii, beautiful waterfalls, tropical landscapes, botanical gardens, cultural attractions, 4 wheel driving, points of scenic lookout, and many more places. It can be said that your eyes might end its capacity to capture the beauty but road to hana doesn’t stop from offering such attractions.

  • Halaekala national park

Haleakala National Park10023 feet high above the magical island of maui, sets the enormous haleakala tower. The most popular sightseeing in halaekala is the incredible volcano. One of the most popular revisited Hawaiian place, halaekala offers diverse range of beauty to explore. Starting from the volcanic landscapes, subtropical rainforest to backcountry trails, it offers a pleasant natural beauty. You get a surreal feeling when you picture yourself wrapped in a blanket of predawn in the frozen air surrounded by people trying to keep them warm.

  • Iao valley state park

Iao valley state parkLocated just beyond the Wailuku in central Maui area, Iao valley state park is an area consisting of 4000 acres in total. It consist of a beautiful historical landmark “Iao Needle” which 1200 feet high phallic shaped, emerald green colored which shoots up from the valley floor. The centerpiece of this mystical state park is pinnacle. Placed enormously into the deep folds of lush green forests Iao is extremely gorgeous place and that’s the reason why Hawaiin kings hides the kapu on the valley restricting bad eyes to set on this serene beauty.

  • Makena state park

Makena state parkComposed of over 165 acres, Makena state park is situated south of wailea. There are two heart throbbing beach known as the two most beautiful beaches of maui, Makena’s big beach and little beach. The big beach oh makena is very popular for skim boarding and skim boarding. While the little beach is very famous for Sunday afternoon fire dancing and drum circle parties. Both this beaches are very good for spending a day with our family, friends and soulmate. You can take extreme pleasure of sunbath, calm waves and beautiful sands and winds.



Things To Do In Bora Bora

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Bora BoraUndoubtedly Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful and famous islands in Polynesia, France. If you are a romantic or a nature lover and want to experience a paradise in its true sense this is the island you have to visit. While reaching the place, the sight of Bora Bora while looking down from the airway itself is very mesmerizing. The enthralling beauty of the coral reef and the small islands surrounding it. The island boasts a calm and relaxing atmosphere along-with the most breath taking beauty. There is something for everyone in Bora Bora. Whether you are a person who like to do a lot of activities or to just stay in it has everything. Some of the things that you can do are:

• Top Dive: if you like doing water sports this is a well regarded dive shop. It offers complete range of scuba activities. They also offer Nitrox dives without any extra cost.

• Bora Kaina Hut:
it is a place for an idyllic island experience. The interiors have been made to suit a very romantic mood. There are candlelit tables, sand floor and wooden furniture. The food quality and presentation totally lives up to your expectations and matches with the setting. The service is very good and attentive. There are soothing songs that keep playing in the background.

• Galerie Pakalola: this is a gallery that displays the arts and crafts of the place. There are loads of Polynesian works of art including paintings and carvings by local artisans and artists. They also sell items out of which the jewelry and sarongs are very famous and are of quality.

• Jeep Safari Excursion on Bora Bora: you shall enjoy an adventurous ride of the island of Bora Bora on a jeep safari ride that shall take you around the place. They shall you around small villages to different look-out points from where you can enjoy the view of the place and its lagoons. There is also a historical part which you can explore. There are guides that speak English and tell you about the place. The historic site prides over the U.S. Army cannons that still remain from the World War – II.

• Glass Bottom Boat Tour: you can now enjoy the underwater world of Bora Bora without even getting wet. While you are inside a comfortable boat you shall still be able to experience that you are gliding over the coral reef. The glass bottomed floor lets you see through all the beautiful tropical fishes and the marine life. The guides that are on board with you are more than happy to share about the history and legends of Bora Bora’s famous lagoon during the cruise.

• Mai Kai Bora Bora: to experience an evening of scenic view along with a delectable cuisine visit the Mai Kai. They offer 3 and 4-course meals. The meals available are international, French and traditional Polynesian. It is a vivid representation of the Polynesian French fusion.

5 Places To Visit in Bhutan

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Are you heading towards Bhutan to have a perfect holiday vacation? Well Bhutan is a great place to visit. As a tourist you will experience a bunch of new adventures and colorful journey while going from one to another in this tourist destination which is surrounded by mountains. Right from different rocky adventurous sites where you can enjoy perfect trekking jaunts to visiting Buddhist shrines, Bhutan has it all to cater to a traveler’s desires. Bountiful of fresh natural sites are also another attraction of Bhutan where forests and wildlife welcome the tourists across the world.

Farmer’s market: The farmer’s market is located in the capital city Thimpu. This market is one of the biggest and busiest sites of Thimpu where you can see a huge array of different groceries such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, dry fruits, nuts and many more. If you love visiting grocery markets in foreign country lands or a have a chef inside your heart, then you can pick the best raw materials of food from this place at a very economic price.

RAPA: Another major attraction of Bhutan is Royal Academy of Performing Arts. If you are a connoisseur of fine arts and performance based artistic skills then RAPA is the place to be in Bhutan. A lot of the old traditional dance forms and performances can be known after visiting this place. The famous mask dance of Bhutan is also taught at RAPA by experienced professionals to young talents. You are bound to feel enchanted once you witness the colorful mask wearing dancers give enthralling performance at RAPA.

Textile museum: If you are eyeing to collect the famous Bhutanese silk textiles with you back home after completing your stay in Bhutan, then visiting the textile museum should be your ultimate plan. Great array of authentic Bhutanese textiles are available in the national textile museum of Bhutan.

Traditional medicine: Bhutan is known to be the best provider of traditional medicines. Be it body ache, painful joints, dental problems or even skin problems, the age old shops selling the traditional medicines of Bhutan are always crowded with customers from across the world.

National park of Dorji: If you appreciate company of natural environment and wildlife, then visiting the Jigme Park will give you a great experience. Right from white tiger to bear, sambas, deer, a great range of colorful birds, all can be seen at the Jigme Park in Bhutan.

So, pack your bags and head for the best north east country in the Indian subcontinent. Travelling Bhutan with your family for 10 days will not cost much. Organized trips with tourist agencies will be available for around $1000 per head with some discounts for children.

Top 10 Travel Destinations In Asia

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

The largest continent of the world is the home to many exotic tourist destinations. Here is a brief on some of the best travel destinations in Asia.

Agra, India

The city of Agra carries the rich essence of the Mughal culture in India with its historic monuments, especially the Taj Mahal. You will also fall for the city given its lip-smacking platter of Awadhi cuisine.

Beijing, China

The Chinese capital looks enigmatic with the imperial palace, Forbidden City & of course, the Great Chinese Wall- one of the best wonders of the world.

Tokyo, Japan

The Nippon capital is always bustling with life and is especially famous for its technological marvels such as talking toilets.

Bali, Indonesia

If you are a looking for a tranquil getaway, Bali in Indonesia can be the ideal for you. The charming island has never failed to mesmerize with its picturesque beaches and pleasant hospitality.

Phuket, Bangkok

Phuket is one of the most sought-after destinations if you are longing for a great beach holiday. You will love the sandy beaches here, very vibrant withy beach parties and great aquatic activities.

Dubai, UAE

The city of Dubai is the best for a plush holiday where you can emerge yourself in the pleasure of great shopping, the mystery of sheesha, the excitement of dune dashing and the very palatable Arabian cuisine.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lampur is famous for its scenic beaches, Mulu Caves, world’s biggest cave chamber & Petronas Twin-Towers.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Nepal capital offers a refreshing trip with its beautifully decorated roads and amazing view of the mighty Himalayas.


The modern green city always promises a pleasant vibe with its opulence, sumptuous cuisine and the very friendly Indian-Sino culture.

Siem Reap in Cambodia

The Cambodian location enables you to explore the very fascinating Angkor Wat temple, which is regarded as a World Heritage Spot by UNESCO.

Visiting Africa’s Kalahari Desert

Monday, December 30th, 2013

The Kalahari Desert in Africa is an extremely popular tourist destination for visitors from all around the globe. You can witness the beauty of big animals such as lions and hyenas as well as a wide variety of other wild animals that surround the area. There are game reserves, and many other beautiful sights that the landscape offers its tourists.

You can find many hotels in and around the area, and it is advisable that you check into one which is close to places where you have planned activities for the rest of the trip. Most of these hotels give the complimentary breakfast, and also provide you with other luxuries and value-for-money offers. You must make sure that your vehicle is filled with enough gas to last you the trip, or at least a portion of it. Imagine yourself way into the desert with your family enjoying the gorgeous view, and just then the gas gets over leaving you in the middle of nowhere. Nothing else can ruin a trip more than this.

Another necessity for a trip to the Kalahari Desert is taking appropriate safety precautions. The Northern Cape is regarded by many as one of the safest places in South Africa. Even though this is a fact, yet proper safety is any day advisable. You must keep yourself and your family prepared for facing extremities. You must not openly flaunt your valuables like electronics or expensive jewelry while you are out.

Talking about clothes, you must carry light garments as well as clothes to beat cold. Light shirts, thin fabrics like cotton, three quarters and shorts and a lot of head gear such as caps and hats for the daytime in which the desert reaches boiling temperatures. And jackets, sweatshirts, denims and cargo pants for the night when the desert can get pretty chilly.

A trip to Bali

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Bali is one of the islands around Indonesia among the 18000 other islands that is one of the favorite tourist spots. It is free from any traffic as it is in the metro cities. The major reason as to why it attracts the tourists are its historical and religious sites, marine life, beaches, entertainment centers, shopping mall and animal sanctuaries. Most of the tourists of Indonesia make it a point to visit Bali necessarily, which is the smallest province. All kinds of tourist attractions are found here.

Bali is renowned for the vibrant culture and the rich tradition that it has and is very difficult to find in the rest of the world. The hospitality and the friendly relationship that tourists get here is worth mentioning. The religion followed here is quite unique that is, Balinese Hindu. This is a very attractive place for clubbers, adventurers, shoppers and backpackers. It is a great place if you want to visit the best mystic temples, villages of the rural areas, revered volcanoes and the best beaches in the world. Parties during the evening are very common. Everybody puts on their best outfits according to the dress codes for the parties.

There are very easily available accommodations. With the increasing number of tourists visiting Bali every year the number of villas is increasing on the island. If you want you can live in a private villa and enjoy the comfort and solitude of a home. All the facilities will be available to you as that in a luxurious hotel.

During the night, life here is very happening. The restaurants and pubs of Legian are very famous. For amusement people go to Seminya nad Kuta. Marine journey is amazing at Taniung Benoa and Sanur. Some of the most exciting beaches are Uluwatu, Linggih, Canggu etc.

Indonesia: The Attractive Southeast Asian Nation

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Attractions of Indonesia happen to be a matter of paramount importance to globe trotters. If you happen to have a fetish for regular tours and travels then Indonesia is the right option for you.

• En route Tanjang Putting. You bet that the jaunt is going to make you happy from within. It happens to be a national park with a great bounty of natural beauties. Tanjang Putting happens to be situated in the heart of Borneo which happens to be an island in the heart of Indonesia.
• If you come to en route the majestic as well as enchanting land of Indonesia you must visit one particular place. You must visit Lake Toba. You can bet that you are going to get exposed to soul warming views for sure.
• At the same time you must make it a point that you are going to pay a brisk visit to Mount Bromo. It is a place that you must not miss at any cost. So be there and enjoy the charm of this place. Mount Bromo presents an enchanting sight that you are not going to forget in your entire life It is a particular trip which is going to make your heart replete with a great deal of pleasure.
• If you come to en route the majestic as well as enchanting land of Indonesia you must not forget the name of Gilli islands. You must visit this grandiose place at any cost.

Indonesia is indeed the most attractive Southeast Asian Nation. If you visit Indonesia you have to be spell bound for sure. So would like to be a game for an adventurous tour to Indonesia? You bet that you should. It is a particular trip which is going to make your heart go gaga about it. So try it out for sure.

3 Tips to choose your holiday destination

Friday, November 15th, 2013

holiday destinationHere discourses about How to choose a holiday destination. The holidays offer the opportunity to relax, unwind and do all kinds of activities in our spare time and, of course, one of the greatest pleasures of life: travel. When the holiday season approaches always think where to travel, there is no doubt that this is a difficult question to answer because there are thousands of wonderful destinations all over the world. In uncommon want to help you with simple tips on how to choose a holiday destination to find the most appropriate and do not regret your decision.

Normally, we do not usually plan a vacation alone and whether it’s a family trip, friends or couple will need to negotiate with other people and also adapt to your demands. To choose a vacation destination please everyone is necessary that those involved come to an agreement and try to meet public expectations. Also keep in mind that, above all, travel with children is paramount find those destinations that are to be entertained with activities tailored to your needs. Article Visit Places to travel with children in Spain and see our suggestions.

What would you like to do in your holidays?

The answer to this question should have it very clear; it is very revealing when choosing a travel destination. Think about how you want to occupy your free time and what activities you like to do, that is, if you prefer to make a tour of visits and meet new landscapes, monuments, customs and traditions or, on the contrary, you were waiting for this moment to find a secluded place where you can relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. So, having your priorities will be much easier to hit with the perfect place for your holiday. The climate is a key factor. Check in advance the climate conditions of the destinations you would like to travel, bad weather can ruin your vacation. Take into account the climate of each area as it does not make sense , for example , travel to the beach in the rainy season or visit countries and cities in season storms and adverse conditions.

A Memorable Trip to Bangkok

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Trip to BangkokBangkok is one of the largest urban cities in Thailand. Tourists can find a lot of attractive spots in this place. There are a few must visit places in Bangkok.

The riverside has a lot of scenic beauties. Chao Phrava river is a must watch in Thailand. Sukhumvit is not very similar to Chao Phrava. It has many mega malls and very exciting and eventful night. Siam is another favorite place for shoppers. It has the biggest malls like Siam Discovery, MBK, and Siam Paragon. Gemopolis has the best diamond and gems and jewelries of rarest kind.

Golf courses are one of the best places to explore your golf skills. It is the activity that you will enjoy a lot. You can have dinner at the diner cruise while enjoying the weather and the amazing lightings. Spas in Thailand are very famous for the massages. You have a lot of time to relax and replenish in the lavish spas of Bangkok. Kick-Boxing is locally known as Muay Thai and is one of the events you will not want to miss. Cooking school is one of the most famous dining places and you can go home with some of the most delicious recepies. The most appetizing aspect of the Thailand tourism, you can go home equipped with some lip-smacking cooking recipes.

Khao San Road is the busy street of Thailand. You can find stores, bars, and shopping places. You can have a walk down the Khao San Road. Chinatown also offers dining and shopping options especially during festive seasons. You can also buy authentic gold here and have the Best Chinese cuisines. Chatuchak is a very good place to buy items at a very cheap rate. The National Museum has a wide collection of Thai art. Similar place is the Jim Thompson House, which has a unique mix of Thai and European culture.