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Visiting Africa’s Kalahari Desert

Monday, December 30th, 2013

The Kalahari Desert in Africa is an extremely popular tourist destination for visitors from all around the globe. You can witness the beauty of big animals such as lions and hyenas as well as a wide variety of other wild animals that surround the area. There are game reserves, and many other beautiful sights that the landscape offers its tourists.

You can find many hotels in and around the area, and it is advisable that you check into one which is close to places where you have planned activities for the rest of the trip. Most of these hotels give the complimentary breakfast, and also provide you with other luxuries and value-for-money offers. You must make sure that your vehicle is filled with enough gas to last you the trip, or at least a portion of it. Imagine yourself way into the desert with your family enjoying the gorgeous view, and just then the gas gets over leaving you in the middle of nowhere. Nothing else can ruin a trip more than this.

Another necessity for a trip to the Kalahari Desert is taking appropriate safety precautions. The Northern Cape is regarded by many as one of the safest places in South Africa. Even though this is a fact, yet proper safety is any day advisable. You must keep yourself and your family prepared for facing extremities. You must not openly flaunt your valuables like electronics or expensive jewelry while you are out.

Talking about clothes, you must carry light garments as well as clothes to beat cold. Light shirts, thin fabrics like cotton, three quarters and shorts and a lot of head gear such as caps and hats for the daytime in which the desert reaches boiling temperatures. And jackets, sweatshirts, denims and cargo pants for the night when the desert can get pretty chilly.

Sydney Harbor Cruise Trip

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

If you are out holidaying in Sydney, a boat trip on the harbor is an absolute ‘must do’. Sydney Harbor cruises provide you with not just a chance to get out on the water but also an array of other ways to witness the magic of the harbor.

The cruises consist of site-seeing, dining, private hired and special events such as Australia Day, Christmas Day, New Years, and such. The price and lengths of the cruises vary from company to company.

The popular routes for these cruises generally stay on the east of Sydney Harbor Bridge. The main sites include Sydney Cove, Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison, Taronga Zoo, Woolloomooloo, Kirribilli House, Luna Park and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Some journeys that continue for long move further east, taking in Watsons Bay, Rose Bay, Manly and Middle Harbor. Some may also run west of the bridge past sites such as Darling Harbor and Cockatoo Island.

Commentary is given on the site-seeing cruises. The larger boats consist of GPS automated commentary which is played through speakers as places of interest pass by. In other smaller companies a tour operator gives live commentary.

Sydney Harbor Cruises, Captain Cook, Matilda Cruises and Majestic are some of the biggest companies that run cruises. These companies have tons of boats of all sizes and shapes and they are easily available at the Circular Quay and on the Harbor.

Matilda Cruises and Captain Cook offer ferry and discount tickets. These offer attractions such as 24 or 48 hour ferry services to many Harbor destinations, or ferry plus attraction entry on the discount ticket which saves 20% of your total cost.

Final tip…

Spending some time shopping online for cruises is worth it. Prices are usually discounted and hence cheaper than the ticketing windows at Circular Quay or other tourist shops.

Sydney Harbor is one of the best known harbors in the world and choosing any one among the multiple types of Sydney Harbor cruises is a magnificent way of relishing the sites whilst also experiencing the vibe of being in the water.

A trip to Bali

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Bali is one of the islands around Indonesia among the 18000 other islands that is one of the favorite tourist spots. It is free from any traffic as it is in the metro cities. The major reason as to why it attracts the tourists are its historical and religious sites, marine life, beaches, entertainment centers, shopping mall and animal sanctuaries. Most of the tourists of Indonesia make it a point to visit Bali necessarily, which is the smallest province. All kinds of tourist attractions are found here.

Bali is renowned for the vibrant culture and the rich tradition that it has and is very difficult to find in the rest of the world. The hospitality and the friendly relationship that tourists get here is worth mentioning. The religion followed here is quite unique that is, Balinese Hindu. This is a very attractive place for clubbers, adventurers, shoppers and backpackers. It is a great place if you want to visit the best mystic temples, villages of the rural areas, revered volcanoes and the best beaches in the world. Parties during the evening are very common. Everybody puts on their best outfits according to the dress codes for the parties.

There are very easily available accommodations. With the increasing number of tourists visiting Bali every year the number of villas is increasing on the island. If you want you can live in a private villa and enjoy the comfort and solitude of a home. All the facilities will be available to you as that in a luxurious hotel.

During the night, life here is very happening. The restaurants and pubs of Legian are very famous. For amusement people go to Seminya nad Kuta. Marine journey is amazing at Taniung Benoa and Sanur. Some of the most exciting beaches are Uluwatu, Linggih, Canggu etc.