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Enjoy a magnificent holiday in Venice

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

holiday in Venice, travel EuropeThe beautiful city of Venice with its lagoons and waterways is something magnificent to behold. The city is an epitome of charm and peaceful wonder. It is one of the most peaceful cities in all of Europe.

A simple walk around the central region of Venice, a visit to Piazza San Marco in order to feed the pigeons is a classical experience in Venice. Taking a Gondola ride in the various waterways across the city is another way of enjoying the splendor of Venice. A trip to St. Marks square and a visit to Byzantine Basilica is just one of those heavenly experiences which Venice has to offer. It also has a constant array of shopping options in beautiful souvenirs and items especially crafted in Venice.

Venetian glass is one of these items. The Gothic architecture at the Doge’s palace and the facade at Scuola Grande di San Rocco is simply breathtaking.

Experience an Unforgettable Holiday in Laos

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Holiday in Laos, travel destinationIf you want to escape from the daily grind of the city and mingle with nature then pack your bags and book your tickets for Laos right away. Laos is known for its breathtaking beauty and serenity and the place is sure to fill your lungs with the freshness of nature and the goodness of the healthy air. If the dusty and dirty city life has made you exhausted and stressed then the best things that you can do is escape in to the wilderness of Laos and treat your senses with what they really deserve.

Laos is not only a good place to go exploring alone but it is also a great place to go visit with your friends, partner and family as well. Laos not only has a nice landscape to offer but it is also a great place where you can shop for artifacts and memoirs. The cuisine is to die for too.

La Isla De Munecas- Would You Dare To Travel There?

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Travel Mexico, famous destinationThe La Isla De Munecas or the “Island of the Dolls” situated in Mexico was not meant to be a tourist destination at first. It is an island which has the most creepy and unusual things. There are hundreds and thousands of old dolls hung up from old houses and trees. These rotting, mutilated, amputated, dirty dolls are capable of scaring the daylights out of anyone. The eerie look of the quiet little island of dolls hanging like dead babies from trees will be a scene which you’ll never forget.

According to the legend, there was a man named Santana who had a left behind his wife and daughter. His wife died and his daughter’s body was found near a river. When Santana came back and found out what happened he started hanging dolls for his daughter on trees in that area. A few days later even his body was found in the same spot. After that hanging dolls here and leaving them to age and rot became a tradition in the disturbing La Isla De Munecas.

Stay At Hang Nga’s Crazy House for a Memorable Experience

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Hang Nga's Crazy House, travel destinationIf you happen to go to Vietnam for a trip then you must definitely go for a tour travel package which includes the Dalat tour. In this same Dalat tour, you will get an opportunity to stay one or two nights at the famous Hang Nga’s Crazy House or Hang Nga’s guest House. It was built by a talent architect named Đặng Viet Nga. It is named so because this guest house looks straight out of a fairy tale. It looks like a tree and very splendidly decorated and made in the midst of flowering a trees and shrubs. It looks very similar to Xenophilious Lovegood’s house, just neater and prettier!

The stay is very cheap per head for two nights and the cozy rooms, the bohemian ambience and the comfortable beds and colorful décor will make your stay a fun filled memorable one. So if you go to Vietnam and take a Dalat tour do stay the Hang Nga’s Crazy House for a wonderful experience.

Top 3 Family Attractions in London

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Attractions in London, travel LondonThe British capital caters to all forms of tourists whether you are hanging out with friends or is on your honeymoon. London is also one of the most voted places to relish with your family. The post below highlights on 3 major family friendly attractions in the capital city.

Your kids would surely love the Pollock’s Toy Museum. The museum is famous for its huge spread of toys from different parts of the globe. There are the doll’s houses, Victorian nursery, tin toys, folk toys, century-old bears and many more. Then you have the Sea Life Aquarium which is situated near the Thames river. The famous aquarium houses diverse marine species from all over the globe, such as sharks, giant conger eels, starfish, seahorses, piranhas and many more.

Don’t miss out on the Thorpe Park. It’s an amusement park with a great bunch of thrilling knuckle rides and roller coasters. Boating trips are a vital attraction of the park and your kids would also love to try on corkscrewing rides and diving activities offered here.