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Toronto, a cosmopolitan destination

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Travel Toronto, USAIf you are looking for a city that will mesmerize you with its various tourist spots then you have got to visit Toronto. It is one of the most vibrant metropolises that you will ever see and the charm of the city is just irresistible. Once you arrive in the city you will be greeted with stunning architectural marvels, great landscapes, some unseen panoramas and striking vistas.

If you have to describe Toronto in just two words then it has to be diverse ethnicity. With some of the best museums, exhibition centers, art galleries, theaters, opera houses, historical landmarks and dance festivals, this city has it all to make your vacation worthwhile. If you are a foodie then you will get some of the best cuisines with some of the world famous beers and wine along with a tinge of brewer. There are guides and group excursions which will make your tour easier.

Most popular Russian destinations

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Russian destinations, travel tipsAs you must know Russia is the largest country in the world and if you decide to go on a vacation to Russia you will surely not be disappointed. There are some places which are really popular here. The first one on the list is Yaroslavl. This place celebrated its millennium in the year 2010 and is unique for its character and peculiar traditions.

Basically this place is famous for the history it holds. The second place will definitely be Saint Petersburg. This city has been named as the world’s most beautiful city and therefore it is a great tourist attraction. With some magnificent art and lavish architecture together with some wild nightlife, this place will surely make your visit a memorable one. It has some of the richest cultural traditions mixed with literature and music, the combination is simply outstanding. So you better not miss this place when you visit Russia.

Top 5 exotic tropical island destination

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Tropical island destination, island destinationPeople claim that the mountains are a better spot to visit during the holidays but they are well wrong with their opinion because if they had known about the top five exotic tropical islands they would not have said that. Well to start off with the first one, it has to be the Seychelles. With over 115 islands and some exotic view this tropical island located in Africa deserves to be in the number one spot.

The second one will be the Maldives. This is a very common name and that is because people, over the years have found this place more and more beautiful. The third destination is Ko Lipe. With the sea surrounded by mountains the view is just magnificent. The forth in the list would be Bali. Private aircraft ride and a blue color all over the view is just awesome to look at. The fifth and the last would surely be Fiji. This tropical is small and beautiful with small huts serving delicious food.

Rome: Live life as Roman does

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Roman destinations, travel RomeRome is one of the most fascinating and romantic places on earth. If you’re planning on a trip to Europe, then do make sure that you take out a few days in advance to explore Rome properly to the fullest. There is so much to see and experience in Rome that you will fall short of words. You can visit the Vatican City and see works of the great Michelangelo and Da Vinci at the Sistine Chapel.

If you are visiting Rome via train then when you exit the station you can just cross the street and see the beautiful Baths of Diocletian. If you are interested in the ancient history and culture of Rome, then you might be interested to visit the Coliseum where you can feel the Roman Empire’s highly popular spot for entertainment come alive. To take a walk down the historical memory lane of Rome, you should pay a visit to the Historical forum where all of Rome’s historical events, occasions and major changes are recorded. It is like a historical guide for all tourists.

A romantic getaway to Mexico

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

mexicoMexico is actually a great place to spend with your loved one. There are many adventure sports to enjoy in Mexico, snorkeling and scuba diving being the most popular. Also one can enjoy the sun and wonderful warm climate of Mexico. Mexico is famous for its rich and spicy food and great local string drinks. The lively night life and exotic bars in Mexico can be enjoyed in every other block.

Mexico is known for the several small bars and clubs. Mostly people enjoy going on road trips and stopping at a few of such diners and bars for a quick snack or a drink or two. There are many inns close by and people and stay in for the night take rest and leave the next day to continue the trip. The weather is warm and the people are somewhat helpful as well. But make sure you carry a map if you plan a road trip.



Romantic travel destination idea for you

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Romantic travel destinationDo you want to spend a lovely weekend with your loved one? Well then great romantic travel destinations are waiting for you to give you a fabulous experience of day trips with your partner. Winery visit can be a really exciting venture as your romantic day trip and plenty of wineries are spread across different western countries. In many cases various luncheons, fun events are also organized by the wineries where you can enjoy really good time with your mate.

If you and your soul mates are great fans of sporting activities then visiting a sporting club will be really exciting for you guys. Go cart, snooker blubs, squash centers are there in different areas of the city where you can have great fun and excitement. Moreover you can buy a couple pass of the famous Lakers match and also can spend watching thrilling basketball games. Going for magic show, puppet show can be alternative choices in this regard.

Egypt: the land of the Nile

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Egypt,land of the NileEgypt is the land of deep mysteries. The tradition and culture of this area owes itself to the great river known as Nile. Egypt is known as the gift of the Nile as the civilization that has made the area so popular has taken birth out of this river. Nile has a lot of contribution in the agricultural development of Egypt. It is one of the, longest rivers in the world. People of Egypt have worshipped this river since ages.

They have compared it to the Gods. It is the river that would give them water to drink, food to eat and would give means of livelihood. However, the Nile would flood every once in a while in the name of bringing fertility to the soil and destroy the little worlds of the people at the banks. However, the early Egyptians would rejoice at the destruction and start afresh with sowing seeds from the newly fertile banks of the Nile.